Kernel for
Novell GroupWise to Exchange

  • Fiercely exports the GroupWise mailboxes to Exchange Server mailboxes or Outlook PST mailboxes or Office 365 accounts without leaving any mail item, such as emails, contacts, drafts, sent items, appointments, calendars, documents, etc
  • Effectively triggers the conversion of hundreds of GroupWise mailboxes in one go
  • Supports the latest versions of Novell GroupWise Server and MS Outlook platform
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Kernel for
Novell GroupWise to Exchange

Kernel for Novell GroupWise is highly intelligent and reliable email-client migration solution, which seamlessly executes the migration of Novell GroupWise mailboxes to the Microsoft Exchange Server application platform. The software is engineered with agile programming methodology, which empowers a user to initialize the easy export of all Novell GroupWise mailboxes with Proxy Access feature.

Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange is incorporated with all the necessary provisions to get connected with GroupWise Servers for retrieving the GroupWise mailboxes to migrate them into Exchange Server environment. The software is outfitted with versatile features, which enables the trouble-free migration of all email items.


Features of Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange

  • Instant Migration Using Dual Export Options

    The software is configured with two distinct alternatives, i.e. Single GroupWise mailbox conversion or Batch of GroupWise mailboxes conversion. With the inclusion of Batch file migration option, you can migrate the numerous GroupWise mailboxes with the usage of single .NUCON batch file. In order to create this .NUCON batch file, the software is already equipped with another .NUCON batch file creation utility.

  • Export of Entire GroupWise Mailboxes

    Integrated with dynamic algorithms, the tool accomplishes the full-fledged migration process of GroupWise mailboxes to Exchange Server. The migration process takes care of all the GroupWise mailbox items such as calendars, documents, check lists, emails, address books, contacts, cabinet folder, work in progress, journals, and notes, etc.

  • Intelligent GroupWise Server Connectivity Options

    The software is optimized with versatile GroupWise Server connectivity options, which includes Default mode, Login mode, and Command Line mode. The Default mode is used to connect with default GroupWise mailboxes without requiring any credentials. The Login mode uses three sub-modes to get connected with the GroupWise Server, i.e. Online, Caching, and Remote mode. Apart from this, the Command Line mode is capable to connect with GroupWise mailboxes without opening the GroupWise Server or mailboxes.

  • Accurate Migration Results with Advanced Options

    Tool is outfitted with Advanced configurable options, which optimizes the GroupWise migration results. Using the single Advance Options dialog box, you can configure GroupWise logon options, Sent items settings, Show all Address Book setting, Calendar items settings, Renaming GroupWise mailboxes settings, etc. The dialog box incorporates all the options and settings in a single interface.

  • Facility to Create .NUCON Batch File

    The software has the provision to carry out the migration of Novell GroupWise mailboxes to Exchange Server on large scale. You get an additional software application of .NUCON file generator. The .NUCON file holds the important information about the GroupWise mailboxes that need to be migrated to Exchange Server. The .NUCON file creator software instructs to configure the GroupWise mailboxes information to prepare the migration procedure. The creation and loading of the .NUCON files facilitate the export of hundreds and thousands of GroupWise mailboxes in one go.

  • Power Packed with Unparalleled Features

    The Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange software has the competency to recover deleted GroupWise email items from the trash folder. The software can easily migrate the Archived GroupWise mail items along with the migration of GroupWise mailboxes to Exchange Server. Furthermore, the advanced tactical algorithms enable you to migrate even Unicode characters from the GroupWise mail items.

Simple Migration Modes

Select the Migration

Select the appropriate alternative to initialize the Novell GroupWise migration process.

Choose GroupWise Mailbox
Accessibility Mode

Select the Default, Login, or Command Line mode to establish the connectivity with GroupWise mailboxes.

Preview the Retrieved
GroupWise Items

Visualize the extracted GroupWise mail items by selecting the email items from the hierarchical structure.

Email Migration

Effective and single admin console


95% Complete

Flexible email migration options


95% Complete

Ensures no loss of email data during migration


95% Complete

Software Free Trial

Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange is released in two distinct editions, i.e. Free version and Licensed version. The free version is released to facilitate the user engagement with the software interface for resolving their doubts over software competencies. However, the trial version puts restriction to save more than 10 email items of each folder. In order to get the unrestricted migration and saving capabilities, you must purchase the licensed copy.

Features Trial Version Full Version
Migrates every single GroupWise mail item, such as trash items, emails, contacts, appointments, notes, calendars, etc
Works proficiently with GroupWise Server 6, 6.5, 7, 8, 2012, and 2014 versions
Incorporates three GroupWise mailbox connectivity modes: Default, Login, and Command Line
Saves unlimited GroupWise mailboxes on the Exchange Server Saves only 10 emails of respective folder recovered Saves unlimited GroupWise mailboxes to Live Exchange Server or PST files
Facilitates the Batch file migration
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Software FAQs

Ans. With every purchase of Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange software, you also get another software i.e. Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange Migration File Creator, which is specifically developed to create .NUCON batch file. Use this software to create batch file for facilitating the batch file migration of GroupWise mailboxes.

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely possible with Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange. You can rename the GroupWise folders while migrating the mailboxes to Exchange Server. This can be done by navigating to Tools option in the menu-bar followed by clicking Advance Options. Check mark the Change the name of GroupWise folders while migrating into Outlook/Exchange mailbox option to apply the setting.

Ans. The Command Line mode is one of the powerful process to extract GroupWise mailboxes by connecting with GroupWise Server without launching the GroupWise.exe application. While using this mode, you won’t require any means to connect with GroupWise mailboxes. However, if you are using the Command Line mode to connect with GroupWise Server, then you will be required to configure User ID, Password, and path of GroupWise mailbox.

Ans. Yes. The Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange software has been continuously upgraded to support the latest technological trends and updates. Apart from this, the software proficiently works with the latest GroupWise Server 6, 6.5, 7, 8, 2012, and 2014 editions.

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