Kernel for
VHD Recovery

  • Efficiently recovers data from inaccessible, corrupt or damaged virtual hard disk (VHD) file/partition
  • Impeccable data Recovery of image/audio/video files, documents, archives etc. with absolute precision and data integrity
  • Effortlessly retrieves data from VHD files created using any platform like including Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Hyper-V Server, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2
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Kernel for
VHD Recovery

Kernel for VHD Recovery software isn´t any ordinary recovery tool, but it is a life-saving solution to bring back your lost data from corrupt virtual machine files and partitions, while in the most effortless manner. VHD files may get corrupt due to various unfavorable conditions such as hardware malfunctioning, corruption in VHD files/machines, malware or virus attack, IDE/SCSI/SATA corruption and dirty shutdown.

Loss of your important data can be painful, but not anymore as Kernel for VHD recovery software offers immense benefits for recovering your lost or deleted data from any files or partitions of your logical hard disk. The software is uniquely programmed to help you access the data from any virtual disk drives and virtualized systems like Hyper-V, within a couple of minutes.


Features of Kernel for VHD Recovery

  • Comprehensive VHD data Recovery

    With Kernel for VHD recovery software you require no additional utility to fetch your lost data such as images, Office files, audio/video files, database files and more from Virtual hard disk drives. The software is capable to recover your data in any condition of VHD files.

  • Filter Specific Files In A Jiffy

    The software intends to provide effortless recovery, and it surely means it. Such as the “Find Files” option allows you to search any specific type of files after recovery. Also, you can enhance your search using “file filters” to specify multiple file types for the recovered files.

  • Preview of Recovered Items in Details

    Upon the completion of recovery process, kernel for VHD recovery software displays the recovered items in a list-like structure within the software. Using this preview facility, users can view the attributes in details with complete specifics like item type, size, data etc.

  • Interactive Working Experience

    The software is designed to be self-explanatory and intuitive in nature to efficiently meet the needs of both technical as well as non-technical users without falling in any complexity. You can find various interactive options during recovery phase such as “Hide progress” and “show progress” options to add a touch of exquisiteness and personalization at the time of recovery.

SimpleRecovery Modes

Quick Scan

As the name says, it provides recovery in the quickest time. However, select Quick Scan mode to resolve minor level of corruption issues in VHD files.

Extensive Scan

To perform intense scanning and recovery of VHD files choose extensive scan mode. You may even select this mode, when Quick Scan mode turns unsuccessful to provide the relevant output.

File Trace

Choose File Trace mode to retrieve data from severe corruption issues in VHD files. It is the most robust mode of recovery and ideal to choose when both Quick Scan and Extensive Scan modes fail to produce the desired results.

Data Recovery

Progressive scanning modes


95% Complete

Preview the file to check its details


95% Complete

100% safe & easy to use


95% Complete

Software Free Trial

Download the trial version of Kernel for VHD recovery tool to get a decent idea about the working and response of the software, prior to the purchase.

Features Trial Version Full Version
Proven to repair the damaged, corrupt, lost data from Virtual hard disk drive.
Embedded with three powerful recovery modes: Quick Scan, Extensive Scan and File Trace.
Ability to retrieve data items like video & audio files, images, database files, archives etc. from VHD
Recover data from all types of VHD files created using Hyper-V Server, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Windows Vista
Option to save recovered VHD data to the desired location
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Software FAQs

Ans. No, the tool doesn´t provide any function to add multiple files. In fact, it allows you to add VHD files one by one.

Ans. To select multiple file types for recovery, choose File Trace option from the three available recovery modes and then select the desired partition where you want to perform the recovery. Upon selecting a partition, the software then asks user to select the types of files from “File Types” box. User may select the multiple file types from this option that displays many file types such as Archive files, document files, media files, CAD files and more.

Ans. The software performs recovery using the three different modes, and if you haven´t recovered the desired data files, then certainly you have selected either Quick Scan or Extensive Scan mode. It is requested to go back to the first step and select File Trace mode in order to attain successful recovery in every condition.

Ans. Recovered files can be saved in a new folder or an existing folder at the place of your directed path.

Ans. No, the software is capable to recover data from any corrupt or inaccessible VHD files.

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